Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mama Josie turned 50!!!

Way back in the beginning of March my mama turned 50!!! My sis and I put together a 70's party for her. She had so much fun! I was so happy! it was a super fun time, the guys played pull and shuffle board and the girls danced the night away. My little cousin JJ dressed up so dang cute! She won the best dressed. Morgan also dressed up really good, he cracked me up. He wore an old pair of bell bottoms my sisters!
I can't believe my mom is 50! Crazy, but I don't thinks he looks it! I serously have the coolest mom in the world. She is amazing and everyone who knows her knows how awesome she is!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend of Fun

This weekend I had a good time! First, Paul's dad gave us tickets to the Suns game that he had won on the radio. Paul ended up not being able to go so I took my cousin Sam with me! It was so much fun! At half time this guy made a running granny half court shot and wont $77,777.00. the croud when nuts! But it was so scary, we were running late so we just basically tookt he first parking that was close to the game as we could. The guy made us drive down 3 levels & there was a security guard who told us to take the elevator up. Well when we finally got up to ground level, the doors open & first thing out of Sam's mouth was "ready to get raped"... The doors opend up to a one way road that was surrounded by construction & graffiti not to mention zero lights!
On Saturday, while Paul was at training Jared & I went to down town Mesa and saw a car show. There were tons of really cool cars, I wanted to take a couple home with me. Then we went to Tay & Jami's that night for some good ole BBQ fun! Watched a little South Park and called it a night.
The picture of my brother was sent to me by him to rub in my face that he has 3 championship rings now. He is one State Champion over me so I am super jealous!

this is the alley that we walked out to. The elevator door is on the right... creepy

Nasty Nash warning all the boys to stay away from his girl... ME!

Isn't he a cutie!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines Day & More

This year for Valentines Day we went out with Jared & Sammie for dinner. It was pretty fun. Eaerlier that morning, Paul and I went to Tempe Town Lake to rent paddle boats and they were all rented out! I serously about cried cause that's all i really wanted to do. So we just had lunch down there then came and hung out at the house. It was nice to have the day off & spend it with Paul. I serously feel like I am the worst wife ever cause I am never home. I work all the time & if i'm not working I am at school or studying.

This weekend my family was down watching the boys & girls state basektball tournament. It was so sad when the boys lost, they played their little hearts out. The girls are playing for State on Thursday which is super exciting. I'm a little upset cause it's Thursday morning, seriously who schedules these things.

Oh and a while ago we had a little bridal shower at my house for Cordae (Preston Stradlings fiance) which was a lot of fun. More girls showed up than Ashley & I planned which made it even better

I haven't really been posting much cause seriously like I said before I am super busy and have no life. Once something interesting happens I will post about it that way things won't be so boring to read.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Perfect Weather!

We had so much fun this weekend hanging out. On Friday Paul was at work so Jared and I went and looked for some tires for my car, then we picked up Tay and went down to Mill for lunch. I didn't take any pictures (my bad) but we had a good time. The weather was amazing this weekend!!! Then on Saturday we all went down and road the Light Rail. It was actually pretty cool. We road it to down town and had lunch. It was a long day though. We started at 2 and didnt get home till around 6. Then on Sunday we headed to Jodi & Craig's for the football game! How about them Cardinals eh! Once again didn't take any pictures. All in all the weekend was good and the weather was amazing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend in SJ

Last weekend Paul went to Rocky Point with one of our friends & their dad to go fishing so I decided to take off to SJ since there were stuff goin on. First, my friend Tyson Baca got married up in Greer. It was so pretty! (the first pic. is of baby Morgan, she was my little friend on the ride to the wedding), Second, my littel cousin JJ "Sugar" got baptized! I was so excited for her, she looked so cute & was super excited too, but a little scared of the water being cold which it was. Then I went with the fam to watch my little brother KJ play basketball, unfortunately i didn't take my camera. They played pretty dang good, good enough to take a win against Red Mesa!!! So i was happy.
Paul got back from Mexico on Sunday but he said the weather was so bad they weren't able to take the boat back so he just chilled and said every restaurant they went to besides JJ's served American food which we never ever eat American food when we are in Mexico. All in all he said it was a good trip!
Ps... GO CARDS!!! hahaha

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bran Spakin New Year!!!!

New Year's Eve was actually a lot funner than I expected! We had some friends over at our pad then we moved the party to Trav's. Seriously one of the funnest part of the nights was the drive to Travs. it was paul, tay, mike and I... oh my goodness those boys had me about to pee my pants I was laughin so hard at them. they talked more crap to eachother it was unreal & if i laughed at one joke i would get yelled at by the one they were making fun of! All in all it was such a fun night! Paul and I are super excited for the New Year! We have our goals set and are just lookin forward to havin some more fun!

me and candace! she is so stinkin cute & so much fun!
mike was killin me all night

tay all New Years out... he was sooo ready to go home... poor guy
sshhh.. dont tell Paul this pic is on here.. Haha.. i think its a cute/funny pic. he hates it
this is Nicole - prob the most funniest girl you will ever meet!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I love Christmas!

Luckily we are able to spend Christmas with both of our families hence they both live in SJ. We had a super fun week up there. Our Christmas this year rocked! Paul got me a Yellow Lab.. he is the cutest prettiest puppy. I named him Marley (after Bob Marley NOT the movie) and love him to death. Now i have a puppy and a turtle, my farm is starting to grow! haha.. I got Pablo a new laptop for work. He was so surprised!

The day after Christmas we went up snowboarding with a group of people. Poor Sierra went down with me on my first ride - i have only gone snowboarding once before 2 years ago - there was a ridiculous amount of powder and i could not stay on my feet & had the toughest time getting up. After we finally got down, I found Paul, Morgan, and Nikki and made them go down with me to give Sierra a break. Paul is really good so we helped me out major! We made it to the bottom a lot faster since we only went half way up the mountain. The third time i did even better. Morgan helped me out this time. But i have a really funny story about my first time off the lift so if you ever see me have me tell you. It's so embarrassing!